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 Soul Haven

 4/157 Smith St
 South Penrith
 NSW 2750

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Metaphysics & Personal Development

Monday Mornings / 10.30am up to 1.30pm
Starts 25th February 2019

Tuesday Nights / 6.30pm up to 9.30pm
Starts 19th February 2019

(Incl Folders, Worksheets & all equipment for practicals)

Metaphysics guides you through a yearly journey of self awareness, healing and understanding mental & emotional behaviour. Through knowledge of the human body‟s energy system, we are able to better understand our mental and emotional responses and behaviour.

This course will venture into a world of energy and colour, guided meditations and other various techniques to support your journey of self understanding, greater awareness, love, and self responsibility. You will heal, build self esteem, create better balance, and find a greater meaning for your life.

Metaphysics is directed towards making a more conscious connection to your inner being and building inspiration, love and self empowerment. It will move you through emotional and mental blockages and help you understand why or how the human condition brings limiting opportunities of experiencing life in the way you want it.

Metaphysics and personal development has a way of reaching your subconscious self and adjusting it towards the reality of positive thoughts and outcomes, simply by understanding the nature of your being. It will guide you into clearing out automatic responses which rise from resistance to change, allowing you to be the owner and director of your life.

You will simply love this course if your into making a better life for yourself. Each class is structured with a technique to assist you in self realisation and awareness. Looking at life through different eyes to bring you greater ways of understanding yourself and others. This is definitely a healing experience.

Student Testimonials

Oh Wow, what a journey this year has been. We were told at the commencement of the Metaphysics Course that we would not be the same person by the end - they weren't fibbing! The teachers have provided a safe and loving learning environment for my Spirit to truly blossom. I have been able to accept and learn from past life events, that prior to this course, weighed me down and have truly learnt self-love, inner peace, non-judgement and have a greater understanding of "life", especially my life. I highly recomend this course to every human being on this planet, actually, I think that it should be mandatory for every human on this Earth! ........

Nikki Green (Metaphysics 2014)

I have studied with Soul Haven and I am 66 yrs old so I feel you are never too old to find out about yourself. It is the best money I have ever spent on myself. The teachers are excellent and know their stuff.I have made some beautiful friendships through the courses and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these courses and teachers to anyone, so that on your journey you are finding out about yourself and can then go out and help others to spread the Love.

Sandra Strachan (Metaphysics 2007 & 2014)

I enrolled in metaphysics in 2014 because I wanted to understand myself and the people around me better. Today having finished, I feel enormous gratitude towards Tess Morabito, for teaching me the most important tools to navigate my life with. Most importantly, I am loving my spirit so much more, because I can apply metaphysics to understand and free myself from dramas, annoyances, frustrations and endless situations which stop the flow of love in my life. This course with Tess has been a life changing experience, she is direct, funny, sensitive and full of love, knowledge and dedication. Everyone should do this course!! ....

Romina Giordano (Metaphysics 2014)

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