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 Soul Haven

 4/157 Smith St
 South Penrith
 NSW 2750

 (02) 4704 8500

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Therapists @ Soul Haven





For as long as I can remember, people have been drawn to me for my healing and intuitive abilities. Even as a young girl, friends and acquaintances began to seek me out for my insight and calming influence, for my compassion, and for lifting them up and helping their minds to expand.

Yet growing up, I was silently enduring my own inner turmoil. Although I was surrounded by loving siblings and a devoted mother, my father had created an oppressive lifestyle, where we existed in a constant state of fear and never felt safe.

Years of this stressful and tumultuous environment culminated in my being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and struggled with many other issues. I became insecure in relationships, paranoid, and lacked in self-esteem. As a young adult, my work as an export manager for a pharmaceutical company left me conflicted and without joy as I began to discover my real self and heal my wounds of the past. This in turn changed my beliefs and behaviours. I was determined to create a life worth living—a life of inner happiness and contentment and with relationships that sustained me. I knew in my heart that my life path was shifting as I started to heal from my dysfunctional beliefs.

I set myself on a metaphysical journey to strip myself apart and heal my inner wounds. I traveled to India, Egypt, Europe, the Far East, Tibet, and Nepal, meeting spiritual leaders and learning through my travels. I studied. I learned. I grew. I tapped into my courage and vulnerability. I was a sponge, taking it all in with a passion to become my authentic self. I also pursued formal training, earning my diploma in Spiritual/Energy Healing and Holistic Counselling, and after that, certificates for Crystal Healing, Reiki Healing Therapies, Transformational Bodywork and Kinesiology.

During this seven year journey, I had forged a new path, with a craving to create a place in which every soul who was inspired to be guided by me, would feel a great sense of belonging, of being nurtured and welcomed, and of knowing that they are cared for— I wanted to create a space for others to learn, grow, heal, and transform, just as I had done.

In 2008, Soul Haven, Holistic Therapies and Personal Development Centre, was born.

It’s a great joy when being told that my presence and energy help people in ways they never imagined. I’m proud to have been a mentor to many and an inspiration for healing, inner growth and positive change. Soul Haven and I are here to assist those looking for the same type of emotional, mental, and spiritual awareness that I have found, those who are eager to claim fulfilling, deeply satisfying lives.

My greatest joy comes from watching others blossom in life and witnessing their growth. It is my love and honour that our clients rely on us to remember who they are, to get unstuck, and to bring heaven to earth in their bodies, living deeply fullfilling lives.


Maria Calokerinos


I have been doing the journey of self-discovery almost all my adult years. I have an interest in holism, wellbeing and spirituality, and, in 2008 I became an Aura Soma practitioner. I am constantly doing different courses to upgrade my skills and have a better understanding of ancient knowledge.

For the past 8 years I have attended and completed Metaphysical Causes at Innerlight and Soul Haven: Metaphysics Level 1; Advance Metaphysics and Personal Development Parapsychology, and Crystal Healing level 1. I am now studying at Soul Haven Spiritual Healing and Personal Development and I have also completed Level 1 Reiki at Soul Haven.

At Nature Care I have completed Aura Soma level 1, 2 and 3. My Aura Soma journey started in 2000 at the Sydney Body Mind and Spirit. I was attracted to the beautiful coloured bottle. Each bottle had a story, and I was able to relate it to me. These bottles were my tools to empower my life and soon it became a passion for me to learn more so that I show others, to use the coloured bottles to empower their life and to connect to their soul purpose.

Aura Soma has also helped me connect to my personal angels. Recently, I have completed the 72 Angels of The Kabbalah and Aura Soma level 1 and 2 workshops. I intend to incorporate this knowledge as part of the consultation process of assisting my clients to connect with their personal angels.

My passion is to help people connect to their soul purpose because I believe that there is only one ‘dis-ease’: not knowing one’s place in life or the meaning of this life. This is the cause of all human illness and suffering. Using the Aura Soma equilibrium colour is great way of doing this because you surround yourself with colour.




Julie Santos from Soul Creation Kinesiology

I discovered this wonderful therapy in 2011, when I was looking for a life change, and I needed something to inspire my creative mind. I came across kinesiology and was instantly excited at the prospect of doing something that I love.

I have had personal triumphs using kinesiology balances and this has helped me to be more aware of my body and the power that it holds. Using the simple balancing techniques that I have learnt, enables me to enhance the flow of energy through the body. By connecting the mind and body and being consciously aware, I have been able to heal myself and to maintain a healthy body. I am constantly learning ways to promote my health, and motivating others to do the same.

My qualifications are a Diploma of kinesiology and Diploma of Mind Body Medicine, I have also learnt Shamanic healing techniques which I incorporate into the balances. I love working with crystals and the 5 element psychology that has positive results in self awareness and helps me to find underlying behaviours.

It is my mission to positively change the health and well being of my clients.
To assist each person to achieve their lifestyle goals by supporting their body’s own ability to restore optimum health, and by providing a safe and professional environment for my clients to feel connected and empowered.




Anya Hadley from 5th Way Therapies

Hello, I am Anya.

I introduce myself as a hypnotherapist but there is so much more to my experience that I would love to share. Each and every one of us is in on a journey. My spirit took me on a soul’s journey of teaching, corporate work, healing, motherhood and an intense search for SELF. Powerful realisations that I was travelling on the wrong path brought on a sense of separation and profound dissatisfaction with my life.

I ventured deeper into the mind to understand how we create our reality. I studied metaphysical processes, various therapies and obtained clinical qualifications. Since then I have assisted almost 600 people to tap into their subconscious and break down unwanted beliefs, habits and patterns.

During that intense transformation process I followed my connection to spirit learning the art of spiritual healing, crystal healing, sound therapy and more. I am now teaching Metaphysics and working with spirit in healings. I connect to the higher angelic realms and follow the individual guidance for each person passing on special messages from your guides and facilitating the release of past lives and karmic patterns that may have been deeply hidden from your awareness. I have a passion for inner child work and nothing makes me happier than to see people reconnect to their younger selves free from pain.

I use AURA PHOTOGRAPHY as a spiritual diagnostic tool to show where the imbalances are within your auric/energy field and target those areas in healing. The images you receive provide sound analysis of your current state of wellbeing and offer great insights on how to achieve a more harmonious life.

I also use emotion focused counselling to help you connect to your own heart and emotions in a safe way and become aware of how and why you relate to others the way you do.

I changed the name of my business to 5th Way Therapies to reflect the new way of being and interacting with each other. It is filled with love, kindness and respect for each person and their experiences.

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