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 Soul Haven

 4/157 Smith St
 South Penrith
 NSW 2750

 (02) 4704 8500

 ABN: 70103581530



About Soul Haven

Soul Haven is a Holistic Therapies and Personal, Spiritual Development centre provided to offer you support on your life’s journey. At Soul Haven, we understand that life can sometimes bring you challenges that can cause pain and suffering. There may be times where you are not able to find those core reasons for your suffering or understand how your past has played an effect in your life today.

Our intention is to help you create wellbeing in all aspects of your life, so that you can live in a happy, peaceful and loving way. Through various therapies we offer, we can help you shift, change, understand and heal those areas where you may feel stuck and unable to move from.

We are solely dedicated to helping you release any wounds and disfunctional beliefs from your past and present experiences, as well as, to guide you in gaining a deeper understanding of your life.

We also offer personal development courses that are designed to educate, support and implement changes for the long term. At Soul Haven, we offer a safe and nurturing environment. We understand the importance of healing and we have a great heartfelt passion, in helping all those who wish to find peace, joy and harmony. This is our greatest gift….to watch you blossom in life and to witness your change and growth.



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