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 Soul Haven

 4/157 Smith St
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Advanced Metaphysics & Personal Development

Wednesday Nights / 7pm up to 9.30pm
Starts 27th February 2019

Pre-requisite: Metaphysics Level 1
(Incl Folders, Worksheets & all equipment for practicals)

Metaphysics level One was to liberate your minds that had imposed limitations upon it by your beliefs and attitudes, and by those limitations they had shaped your mental and spiritual growth. Your beliefs and attitudes formed your basic interpretation of Reality. If a thing is of value, because of prejudice we will not see it. We will see what we want to see, and refuse to see what we refuse to see and in level I you were brought to that shocking truth as well as other concepts. If you believe or disbelieve in metaphysical principles then the result would be in accordance to that mental condition of yours. For eg:  If you believe that you are doomed to failure you would never motivate yourselves to work for success. This concept relates to how we form our own personal experiences in life, our own personal reality. But our personal opinions do not affect the natural laws operating in our universe, the 12 universal laws. We might discount the law of cause and effect, for instance, and yet the law still functions in our everyday experience. The same goes with the other natural laws like the law of compensation, or vibration or correspondence or action. Belief or disbelief in them will not affect their existence and operation in your life.

So in saying all this you will be learning all about the 12 universal laws and their sub laws, facilitated in the spiritual manner according to spiritual and personal growth. You will be working with applying these laws to your life, through the awareness of their functions and workings according to your energy. The more Cosmic laws and truths we apprehend with our souls and apply in our every day lives, the more spiritual, divine, and powerful we become. The more we purify ourselves from all the dross and toxins in our energy-structures, and the more we liberate ourselves from preconceived human mortal limitations, the more we are able to access divine energies and express our divinity, and be the True Self functioning at a certain consciousness level beyond your personality functions and expressions.  Advanced metaphysicians learn all three aspects of divinity in full development or unfolding in a balanced and harmonious way, these three are: the aspects of love/wisdom, power/will, and intelligence/activity.

In advanced metaphysics, by applying certain principles, it will assist the acceleration of your evolution and the quantum leap to a higher level of intelligence and spiritual awareness. I emphasize the word “applying,” because knowledge of principles or techniques alone is of no value. Knowledge of itself is not power, it is the applying of that knowledge that empowers you. Spiritually, it is not what we know or the psychic powers that we possess that counts, it is what we are and this is what advanced metaphysics opens you up to. You will come to learn many teachings of Cosmic laws and principles that help you to deal with life, to master your lower self and express all that is divine in you. This is true mastery. The word master does not mean being able to control Nature or others, it is the ability to successfully work in cooperation with nature and with your fellow man in creating harmony, peace, and abundance in our world, in our shared reality, in our conjoined dream. Real Masters are those who have mastered the animalistic and humanistic elements of their being and are now expressing their god-hood.

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