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 Soul Haven

 4/157 Smith St
 South Penrith
 NSW 2750

 (02) 4704 8500

 ABN: 70103581530



Who is Soul Haven?

Based in Sydney since 2008 and serving people all over Australia. Soul Haven is dedicated exclusively to helping to release past and present wounds and to guide you in gaining a deeper understanding of your life. We offer courses, workshops, and classes in spiritual and personal development; meditation, healing modalities, and alternative holistic therapies. Thus far we have taken over 1,000 individuals on a journey toward healing their emotions, behaviours, habits, and limiting beliefs. Soul Haven has facilitated spiritual retreats in places like Tibet, Nepal, and Peru in addition to more local venues such as the Blue Mountains and other areas around NSW.

Soul Haven is able to assist those looking for the same type of emotional, mental, and spiritual awareness that we have found and for those who are eager to claim fulfilling, deeply satisfying lives.

This is our purpose and dedication:

• To create a safe Haven for all ‘souls’ who walk through our doors and to provide a loving, sincere and safe environment where people feel nurtured and cared for.

• To assist and support our clients and students through personal challenges and to empower them, to own their own solutions.

• To educate, support, empower and embark on the journey with students who are on their personal and spiritual development studies with Soul Haven.

• To educate and share with our community, the benefits and blessings of holistic, alternative and complementary therapies.

• To offer professional & confidential services incorporating metaphysical / spiritual concepts into one’s daily life. “To see beyond the physical”, to help oneself move forward in life.

• To empower and support our therapists, clients and students to enable our purpose to be met.

• To raise collective consciousness and to help bring a deeper state of inner peace, serenity, love and conscious living of all human beings that we connect with.

Soul Haven Healing Centre

Soul Haven's Vision

Soul Haven is dedicated to helping people evolve into a deeper state of inner peace, conscious living and loving compassion.


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