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Workshops Soul Haven Offer

... learn... share... evolve...

It's so important for us to continue to learn and grow personally and spiritually so we can enjoy a fulfilled life full of peace, happiness and contentment. I was inspired to run these workshops to get like-minded people together to learn more and then discuss with each other relevant topics that can then help us in our day to day lives.

These workshops are for those wanting to develop their spiritual awareness, break certain taboo beliefs and gain a greater understanding of the topics in question. It is for those happy to share their own experiences and knowledge; and those wanting to grow both personally and spiritually.

Each workshop will include Guided Meditation and process work, to enhance spiritual awareness, personal healing and inner peace.



"Bringing you awareness & a clearer
understanding of the nature of entities"
INVESTMENT: $130 (Incl all Worksheets, Morning Tea)
14th May & 8th October 2017 from 10am – 5pm

The term 'entity' refers to non-physical beings, presences which come to be attached to human beings and act as parasites, thereby creating various emotional, mental and physical problems ranging from eating disorders and uncontrollable emotions to the most severe diseases.Many people are unaware of the presence of non-physical energies and beings that can actively interfere with their energy and emotions and also the atmosphere of places such as a house or room.

Mainly these entities come from people’s astral bodies when they die, as the astral body breaks up without the physical and etheric body to hold it together. Conflicting parts of the astral body (mind/emotions) can no longer hold together and as its vibration rises it shatters mainly into astral dust which is reabsorbed into the astral planes. Unfortunately some chunks hold together and retain a consciousness of their own, becoming astral fragments/entities. These would be the most crystallized parts of the astral body. Want to know more....? We will break it all down for you during this workshop. It is perfect for those that have any fears about entities, ghosts and how they can affect you.

The purpose of this workshop is to present certain basic facts relating to entities and to analyse their mechanisms, motivations and functioning, as well as to offer a better understanding of what entities actually are and where they come from. You will learn to recognise what entities want, how they interfere with their hosts, and why and how they came to invade them. More than anything else it is this pattern, or 'entity syndrome', that you will begin to understand in this workshop, as well as knowing that with knowledge comes power. Power to change the way we see things, therefore changing us and how we take care of our 'energy'. After this workshop you will have a greater understanding of the nature of entities, you will recognise clearly when your own energy is being drained. You will also lose your fear of any preconceived ideas you had and you will also walk away with knowledge on how to keep your energy system 'clean'.

Embracing Your Shadow Self

$150 (Incl all Worksheets & Practical Exercises)
3rd June & 4th November 2018 From 10am – 5pm

Do you do or say things you are not proud of? Do you lash out at your spouse, your children or your co workers? Do you have addictions to alcohol, drugs, food or something else? Have you sabotaged your new diet or a new goal? These are all parts of the shadow self’s in our lives. The shadow self workshop will not only shows us how to unveil our shadows but how to understand and deal with them. Bringing our shadows to light accesses power, happiness, consciousness and confidence that we are living our lives to their fullest potential.

Our shadows will find a way to express itself if repressed. Our shadows can present themselves by having us project onto others things we seemingly despise. Our shadows are those messages we send ourselves when we are not CONSCIOUS, that belittle us. Facing our shadows DOES empower us to be MORE than we ever felt safe to dream we could be.

Embracing our shadow calls attention to some of the masks we wear and assumptions we make. It shows us that in acceptance and turning inward to face the dark we can allow the light to shine in. This workshop WILL awaken and inspire you. This is an important workshop at a crucial time for humanity. Some people might consider facing their shadows as scary but others consider it scary NOT to face them. By facing your shadow self’s, you can understand them, control them and become a conscious creator of your life. Not dealt with — these shadows WILL surface — and usually you will not notice until damage is done to yourself or to the people around you.

This workshop will leave you inspired and compelled to take an evolutionary leap with successful and proven processes given on the day. You will be guided through various exercises designed to reveal the shadow self’s effects in your own life, which will presents you with opportunities to transcend personal limitations.

The Real Law of Attraction & Manifestation

$115 (Incl all Worksheets) - 23rd April & 3rd September 2017 From 10am – 5pm

This workshop is designed to show you, what the Law of Attraction actually is in reality, and how you can apply it in your life. The Law of Attraction is often misunderstood, or believed to be something it is not. By the end of this workshop, you are going to fully understand what an incredible and practical power you have available to you. You will be stunned by how perfectly it works and you will also be amazed at how you can immediately apply it in your life. You can use it to help yourself improve absolutely any area. But you need to know its secrets, if you are going to be able to use it effectively. You will know for once and for all why the Law of Attraction works, what is the power which allows it to work, and what you need to do to put it into effect. You can use it to help you attract, as fast as possible, any desires you want fulfilled.

You will dissolve any limiting patterns you may have, which are blocking the power of the law of attraction and how to stop attracting things you don't want, and how to let go of situations and people you want to release from your life. You will learn about the extraordinary powers your mind has and how you can access these powers for your own use. You will hear about the structures called Attractors, that activate the Law of Attraction, and how you must create or access new ones if you want to change your life. You will find out how to increase the power of your energy to increase the potency of the Law of Attraction, and so bring to you the desires you want more easily. And finally, you will be shown how you can awaken to a more powerful part of yourself, and so open to far greater opportunities than you ever dreamed possible. Anyone can do all of these once they know how.

The Law of Attraction is vital knowledge for every human being and this workshop is designed to help you make full use of it. It is almost like having an invisible genius, living right next to you, helping you in every way possible. You life becomes filled with significant coincidences and extraordinary gifts. By importing into your mind how the Law of Attraction works, it will become embedded within you, and therefore be an integral and natural part of how you think, act and behave. We will describe for you the real law of attraction, which is a far more powerful force than you have considered. If you want to learn how to access it through your mind, then this workshop is a must…!


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