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Advanced Healing Techniques

Friday mornings / 10.30am - 1pm
Starts 24th February 2017 - 10th November 2017, school holidays excluded.
(Incl Folders, Worksheets & all props for healing practices)
(Pre-requisite is Spiritual Healing Level 1 Completed)

If you have completed Spiritual / Energetic Healing Level 1, then you are able to do Advanced Spiritual Healing Techniques. This course is designed for those healers who want that extra bit more and who wish to use these techniques in their own practice or further their studies of the human energy field.

This course will teach you some of the deeper techniques applied during healing, such as sound therapy and symbols, holographic healing techniques on cellular levels, working medically intuitively, understanding meridians, co-creating a plan of transformation for clients as well as helping to break repetitive patterns. This modality not only assists individuals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, but also on the intra-dimensional levels as well; allowing them to break repetitive patterns of dis-ease that other modalities had not. You will be required to choose volunteers as case studies for Level 2, where you will be working with these people throughout the duration of the course.

Advanced Spiritual / Energetic Healing allows for healing to occur at a level deep enough to break patterns of dis-ease that have been unconsciously held in the energy fields of the body creating disharmony. Another element of this advanced technique involves working directly with the client to raise their level of consciousness and realign them with their power and purpose in life. One of the best things about these healing techniques, is that it is completely mold-able to the individuals needs and requires nothing more than the knowledge that you can re-create your life.

Whether it is healing from a disease, creating a new career, manifesting abundance in your life or aligning with your soul‟s purpose, Advanced Spiritual healing techniques can facilitate that shift for you and assist you in transforming your life as well as helping others to do the same!

Student Testimonials

I could not imagine my life any other way before I began studying with Soul Haven. A veil was removed off my eyes with my first course in metaphysics and personal development ( numerous watershed moments that will change your life). 7 years later, many more layers of the veil continue to be stripped and after completing Advanced Healing Techniques in 2014... I found the answer, to the ultimate question 'who am I?'

I would of never imagine my growth, my capacity for love within myself without the help of Tess and her not only teach from the heart but in many other ways you can comprehend. Tess's teaching is COLOURFUL and never dull.

Marty Chow (Metaphysics 2010, Spiritual Healing 2013, Advanced Healing Techniques 2014)

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